What is the Curacao Health Declaration form?


Curacao Health Declaration Form is a mandatory legal document required by law for every patient in Curacao to obtain health services. It includes basic information about the patient, including medical history, laboratory results, diagnosis, treatment, safety hazards, and other pertinent information. The document is also signed by a physician present to ascertain the medical condition of the individual. The document will be deemed fraudulent if it contains false information.

The Curacao Health Declaration Form can be collected from any health services provider who is legally authorized to issue the document. There are certain organizations that offer the service for a fee. The patient will be charged an additional amount to collect the form. This extra amount is to pay for the cost of collecting the form at the medical institutions, and not from the provider of the service.

The Curacao government prohibits citizens from using false medical records to claim benefits or other benefits. Anybody found doing so may be penalized. Patients should always collect the Health Declaration form from a reliable source. Some of the sources available are the hospitals, medical practitioners, clinics and societies. Patients can find all the information they need on the hospital’s website.

You can find the form on the Ministry of Health’s website. It is also available in Spanish and English versions. The language version provides the complete information of the rules and regulations regarding health services in the country. To understand any terms not clear, patients can refer to the Spanish version.

Once you have completed the Health Declaration Form, you can either send it back to the nearest station to be signed or return it to the authority responsible for its return. You can also fax the document to the concerned person. You can also send a copy by mail.

If you are new to Curacao, it is a good idea to contact one the many agencies that offer health services. They can help you find an agency that offers you affordable rates and reliable medical professionals. Once you’ve found an agency, the next step is to choose one that will cover your medical needs. This will ensure that you receive high quality health care services.

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